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Bathroom counters maintenance
Scrool Editor:OULI Addtime:2008/5/10 19:44:01 Read:255Times 【Size:B M S

  1, with a hard Do not benefit the percussion instrument, so as to avoid scratches Guimian.

  2, use soft materials (such as sponge) dip wipe neutral detergent products, so as to avoid scratches, corrosion OEM Switchgear Kits &.

  3, and not over 60 ° C heat exposure.

  4, do not beat pots with the front counter, prevent counter deformation.

  5, to avoid prolonged sun exposure.

  6, and to avoid a corrosive chemical solvent exposure.

  7, long-term use of the bathroom counters, doors, hinges and tracks are loose, please contact the screws removed, joined at the same hole the size of sawdust, glue on some 502, the screws tightened at the original hole.

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