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Building Materials opened discount price "insider"
Scrool Editor:OULI Addtime:2008/5/10 19:37:50 Read:225Times 【Size:B M S

Family attire market discount become common practice

In the spring of renovation season approaches, the major city entrance of building materials are covered with a discount, gifts of posters, Cu Xiaoyuan to customers in the door of advertising alone. Indeed, sometimes the discounts and gifts business activities do so that consumers received some benefits, but the industry "Sensible person" has opened a number of little-known insider.

Water big discount building materials

Family attire discount phenomenon in the building materials market a long time and had become worse. In more and more often, on the surface of the discount exciting, but is in fact to recruit business clients on the pretext of sets. According to a decoration company Dongjing Li reflect, the largest discount merchandise on sanitary ware, cabinets and circuit equipment,Actual becomes pays for difference between great and pricing, consumers can Kanjia rate of 7% and sometimes even reach 6%, 5 Pack. In Mingzhemingkou, there are many forms of discount "variant."

Gifts: brand building materials businesses, building materials companies have decorated the city, including the activities of gifts, and some sent to the Cabinet, some sent to air-conditioning, sent to purchase vouchers, etc., a word many tricks. But the industry to remind people:The wool leaves on the chimera, the world no free lunch.

Packages: This is the catering industry was the exclusive marketing, now in the building materials market pop up. People often can see sink with the lead, Zaoju and range hoods, wash basin, and so on Toilet take such a combination package, was placed on a prominent place to attract the attention of consumers. Well, these packages can really benefit consumers? » According to the Association of building materials, in general, the building materials in the formal market to buy large, the concessions package price is credible, the same consumer purchases of building materials, purchased separately than to buy the package is to spend more. But in a small number of non-standard market, prices of package may become a synonym for trap, because the market supply of these products are often mixed, some vendors will be brand-name building materials and the combination of poor sales of building materials, such as water heaters and poor-quality brand-name Zaoju combination of imports and sink Zapai leading portfolio, and so on. Consumers are often confused low-cost, passively accepted the original do not want to buy inferior products. And vendors through Rangli brand-name products, poor-quality products to make money the way profits.

Price increases after the discount: Recently, a home decoration companies that do not have discounts, people do not want to, wanted the option, a number of projects throughout the night to raise the price 10 to 20 percent, the company used a promotional posters 10%.

Willed: Some businessmen at the specifications and model of tampering on the surface, a very low discount, the actual delivery Yicichonghao, and the building materials market is extremely rich category, consumers will be kept in the dark without notice.

Who not discount the benefits

Use discounts to attract customers, a commercial tool, was understandable, but if discounts become common practice throughout the industry, is an extremely abnormal phenomena. A well-known brands of building materials agents told reporters that the result of the discounts rampant vicious competition and the industry as a whole will not benefit, either the buyer or seller, the discount will become the victims of the wind.

First, discount merchants inconsistent treatment of consumers, Ruanmoyingpao customers may get 6% discount, and the trouble did not have time to return the buyer can only get 20% discount. The business community has consistently uphold the "Tongsouwuqi" to the regulation, where all meaningless.

Second, the discounts for buyers and sellers to waste a lot of time and energy, increases costs. A brand-name consumer phase of a sanitary ware, in order to Kanjia, in the three-month period to run the store no less than 10 times, spent dozens of hours of their time and a lot of transport costs, but also consumed a saleswoman A large number of working hours. Discount will wind caused confusion in the market, a deadly threat to the enterprise.

According to market sources, a building materials brands implement a number of agents in the marketing system, and several agents from the vicious hit tinge to price, from 8% Kandao 70%, 6.5% for the last no profits to speak of each other, to Now, this brand from the market almost withdrew from the.

In an interview with reporters some consumers, consumers have heard the voices: In the current market environment, not the effort Kanjia, only the expense of their own. And rational consumers are more willing to express some codes prices, the consumer places a discount shopping, so we will not rest assured Beizai, can save valuable time.

Do not discount merchants Smug

Compared to other cities, Tianjin, the consumer is more conservative, stressing benefits known in the discount on the issue, Tianjin consumers be particularly keen. However, according to a survey in Tianjin Building Materials Family attire currently on the market, there are still part of the high Qingzhao brand merchants do not discount the banner. For example, from Australia's "Coma" and "sanitary ware unyielding pressure from the market, designed to win, and from the German brand," Ji Shiduo "" Sanitary Ware has always been to show prices codes, adhere to the quality of services and products European design and style to promote consumption, from Beijing's "Dongyirisheng" "decoration company will own ads clearly marked to the phrase" no discount, no gifts "."

Reasonable pricing, sales should not discount merchants as a professional ethics, it does not mean that the pursuit of additional profits, adhere to transparent pricing, equal treatment for all consumers, the real achieve "Tongsouwuqi". "We call on the market as soon as possible Establish a price system integrity, and consumers between the formation of mutual trust, so that consumers and merchants not to the time delay in the price of endless debate, saving the cost of buyers and sellers. Businessmen in the pursuit of a reasonable profit and Return on investment, as far as possible for consumers to do more value-added services to enable consumers to buy goods not only to themselves, but have included a preliminary design, delivery and post-installation maintenance of the overall solution.

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